HOT WIND: Selected Writings 1996 - 2012


HOT WIND: Selected Writings 1996 - 2012 compiles nearly two decades of selected prose, poetry, and images by artist and educator Adam Wolpa about and as performance art. Each piece is characterized by a deliberate, constructed, and performative voice. As a whole, this collection connects the dots between various periods in Wolpa’s long history of self-published experiments.

HOT WIND was compiled for We’re in this together, an exhibition of performance-based ephemera and publications at PS: Gallery in Columbia, MO, USA. Curated by artist Kim Wardenburg, the show was organized in response to artist books made by the Cuban publishing collective, Ediciones Vigía. Expanding on the idea of material improvisation, a defining characteristic of the Vigía projects, We’re in this Together explores eight artists’ books as devices for improvisational performance, navigation, and interaction within an environment extending beyond the books themselves.

Hot foil stamping by Windy Weather Bindery.
Perfect binding by Great Lakes Bindery.