Dedication Hotline


Re-created for the 2012 exhibition Call for Artists, Dedication Hotline is a fully functional song dedication service in the tradition of Delilah and Sunday Nite Slow Jams.

To participate in the project, simply call the hotline (312-380-1433) with a song request and make a dedication to someone special. The dedications are then posted online at http://dedicationhotline.com to be shared with the recipient and the world.

The hotline uses the Google Voice service to collect the dedications. Google also provides a transcript of the message that is usually pretty far from the actual content of the dedication. A machine's take on things that are quintessentially human: nostalgia, memory, and loss. What follows are Google's automatic transcription of the first year of Dedication Hotline.

This publication was created for the inaugural round of BOOK BOX, Issue Press' zine vending machine project.